About Topic Hubs

Topic Hubs are a new online content construct we at TopicHubs.com are working to pioneer. Our primary goal is to create a new and convenient way to access the latest topic-specific news and informational links for any high-value subject or specific area of focus.

Adding a Social Community integration is our next big goal.

The News Topics in this topic hub are powered by Attensa.com. The Attensa platform uses over 5,000 sources to maintain a consistently updated index of 20,000,000 articles.

The Coronavirus Topic Hub is our first topic hub. Because the development of TopicHubs.com coincided with the onset of Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to use this powerful technology to offer everyone a free resource to access the Coronavirus news and information they need to adapt to this quickly changing reality.

Our immediate objectives are:

  • Keep the Coronavirus Topic Hub updated and relevant and keep it Free to use, including Registration and other premium features as they become available.

We also need to:

1) Create More Topic Hubs related to Coronavirus:

  • Remote Working
  • Home Schooling

2) Secure Sponsors to help us cover the operational costs including:

  • Basic Operations
  • Servers, Hosting etc
  • Email (topic email briefings)
  • Expanded product management and development
  • Native mobile app development
  • User Support
  • Ongoing topic refinement and new topic development
  • Link index curation

3) We’re also hoping to create a remote team of volunteers to help with…

  • Topic curation
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations
  • Advocacy/Evangelism
  • User Support


Contact info :